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Our organization is best described as a grassroots/volunteer based movement. We are in the developmental stage of organizing and recruiting members but our definitions of vision and mission have been established from the adaptation of those who came before us.

R.A.I.S. started through an inspiration provided by the film “The Anonymous People” and like other Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) across the country it began with a conversation about new solutions and the agreement that our area needed a voice of recovery to reduce the stigma of addiction and promote wellness in long-term recovery by changing public perception of the disease and those affected by it.

Following the models provided by Faces and Voices of Recovery (the leading RCO in the nation), we aspire to become a significant voice in our community through outreach, education, awareness and support. A twelve month plan to become a 501(c) non-profit organization is being formulated. Also, once we establish the suggested core elements that distinguish RCOs from other alcohol and other drug related organizations we will be submitting an application to the Association of Recovery Community Organizations(ARCO) to gain exposure and support from other RCOs.(A description of the core elements,vision, authenticity of voice and independence can be found in the William White paper “The Recovery Community Organization”.

Although we do not have a working budget at this time, our fiscal and fiduciary agent, The Prevention Council of Saratoga led by Janine Stuchin generously supports our logistical needs.

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