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  • March 08, 2017 10:21 AM
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    Hi.  I admit I'm a bit disheartened at the lack of action on this page.  As a person in recovery, I know that it's very important to share our stories of strength, courage, hope, and perseverance.  It's also important to hear the struggles, setbacks, and even stories of death.   For me, I need to hear the painful stories because they keep recovery "fresh" for me.   I don't want to forget how bad it had gotten for me.  Complacency has led many recovering addicts right back to using drugs again.  Addiction is such an insidious disease the if we rest on our butts content with not doing any work, we're doomed.  Recovery doesn't happen by osmosis!  It takes work.

  • September 02, 2015 10:57 AM
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    I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm the mother of a former addict. Former, because my son passed away on May 4th of this year. He was 25 years old and thought he knew best about how to self medicate himself for mental health problems. The year previously, he overdosed on Easter eve. We knew right away so were able to call the police who gave him narcan. He was released from the hospital the next day.  I tried to get him help, but he was starting a new full-time job that week and wouldn't have time to do anything in-patient, and finding out how to get him admitted, if he was willing, was a major run-around. Also, he thought he could overcome his problem himself. I drove him to one counselling session, which made him feel better, but when trying to find addiction outpatient counselling, I was told he could schedule an appointment for a month from then. He would have gone to counselling with anyone if we could find a counsellor for after 5PM or weekends.

    Thoughtout all of his problems with anxiety and drug/alcohol abuse, he went to work every day conscientiously.  

    I wish I hadn't trusted him when he told me that he was off of the heroin. But after his death, I found 12 syringes in his garbage can.

    If there is anything I can do to contribute to the cause, please count me in.

  • March 14, 2015 9:47 AM
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    I am in long term recovery 30+ years.  My story began when I got a DWI at 23.  I was referred onto treatment (I blew a .24 and was driving home) and thought "OK i will play this game" during treatment and I stopped drinking. i had every intention on resuming once I got my drivers license back.  My family has a long history of both alcoholism and recovery.  My grandgfather was in very longterm recovery and was not anonymous at all.  He shared his love for AA with all of us and held meetings at his home.  I am sure this aided me in my recovery and I have abstained from all substances.  I am not active in the program anymore but am still living the sober life.  My slogan became "Whats the point of a good time if you don't remember it?"

  • November 14, 2014 8:30 PM
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    This summer, Meg Haggerty of the Post Star wrote a two day article that chronicled my journey with my son Nick's addiction as part of a series on the heroin epidemic that is sweeping our communities, our nation, our world.  My son is currently incarcerated due to choices that he made as a result of his heroin/Xanax addiction. I am posting the links here to our story.  

    I am currently working with Hometown vs Heroin and Addiction in Washington and Warren Counties as well as with RAIS.  I work with other people who love someone who suffers with the disease of addiction through my work in Nar-Anon in Ballston Spa on Mondays and in South Glens Falls on Wednesdays.  God has worked miracles in my life and I will continue to commit my life to helping others as they travel this very frightening road of addiction.  I will continue to be honest and to refuse to bow down to the stigma that shackles and kills so many people.  I refuse to be a victim but instead an advocate.

    There is recovery,  There is hope. There is joy and serenity.  God bless you all. 

    My story...via the Post Star Newspaper 

    My story via the Post Star Part II

  • August 14, 2014 12:20 PM
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    Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    This Forum is a place where you can share your story (briefly) and how you have been helped, or how you may be able to help others through their recovery!

    We do want to hear your story - by sharing your stories, others receive inspiration to continue the positive aspects of recovery and can also assist others who are in need.

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