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The Anonymous People=Hope

  • September 19, 2014 7:18 PM
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    Yeah it works !  Very well said Sean.  Your commentary is full of compassion and truth, it touched my heart.  I now lead many of my conversations with people about recovery with everybody knows somebody.  We are teachers, students, bankers, grandmothers, construction workers, movie stars, you name it.  When one of us is dis-eased or imbalanced so are we all, when you are suffering so am I when you are living your dream you are supporting and encouraging mine. Recovery for me has been a journey of self-realization and self-actualization on going. I practice,nurture, and stimulate mind, body, spirit well being on a daily basis.  Recovery comes with many gifts of consciousness and leads all who do the inner work to enlightenment.  One of the promises of a 12 step program I attend is that we will be happy, joyous, and free.  I experience this often.  Love being a part of the solution, thanks, Wendy.

  • September 05, 2014 4:59 PM
    Message # 3093696


    At the first local screening of "The Anonymous People" I asked everyone in attendance to think of that one person they wished they could help to end their suffering: a friend, a client, a son or mother or brother, everyone knows somebody. As I asked that question and went on to say that a solution was available through action and engagement and hope, I, too, had a person in mind, a few in fact, probably closer to a hundred.
    My name is Sean Kelleher and I am in recovery, and as a result of that time I have been able to witness life and become a productive, accountable, loving individual.
    The people I know today, the people I call my brothers and sisters, are people who struggle or have struggled with addiction, and I love each and everyone of them because of our shared sufferings.
    I also acknowledge the suffering of all people whether it be through disease or oppression or self-inflicted shame or lack of self-love. We are one, we are the same.
    "The Anonymous People" captures that message and connects us all on a spiritual level of community and participation in a much larger solution than just recovery advocacy. It promotes a movement of evolution of the human condition unlike anything I have ever experienced. It examines our status as a society willing to accept, with apathy, the exclusion of those we do not understand, when in fact they are our fellows. It unites us in voice and in face by disclosure of our most sacred fears of aloneness and it clarifies the fact that we all struggle, that we all yearn for connection, that we can all benefit from a little selflessness.
    The people I thought of that night in the theater are dear to  me and they are many. I joined this movement, this new rendition of a timeless ideal, for them and for me. I share my experience with you in hope that it will help the person you love or yourself.
    Join us at this screening or watch the movie with someone you love. We can and do recover from all afflictions but we cannot do it alone.

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