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Seeking local answers to national heroin epidemic

  • October 28, 2014 8:59 AM
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    Over the centuries waves of drug addiction have risen, flooded, then subsided in cultures all over the world.  When I use the term drug addiction alcohol is included. When Sadam Hussain came into power he destroyed all of the poppy fields in Afganistan.  After his death and partly in response to America pulling out and not providing as much relief as initially promised, along with those still wanting to take power and continue warfare, the poppy fields were replanted-more than before. The cost of war is multifaceted. We live in a culture dependent on pharmaceutical drugs, one who still advertises on the tele that alcohol is fun, elegant, and perfectly acceptable, and whose materialistic values teach that outside things bring happiness. There is no good, simple, easy answer to our problem.  I am a 44 year old mother of three, college educated in the field of special education, artistically accomplished, and a philosopher at heart who goes to bed at night in joyful long suffering with the world in mind.  Joyful because I have embraced recovery, suffering because so many have not, and knowing how difficult it can initially be.  Addicts and  alcoholics can be a trying, and tiring lot.  My best thinking tells me to work on myself, become spiritually fit which allows me to be guided.  There are some things that humans will not be able to fix without the aid of spirit.  Support local recovery by attending an AA, NA, Alanon, or rehabilitation center meeting. Remember that guilt and shame keep people addicted.  Unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, and compassion need to flow freely.  I would love to see a recovery support center or club house evolve from RAIS; a place that people come to know as non-judgemental, totally understanding, resourceful, just welcoming in so many ways because it reflects some of our best features as a healthy community.  I,m a part of the solution today.  I openly share with people that I am in recovery and ask lots of questions, like what do they think we can do or what do we need?  I get a lot of shrugs.  Last thought, go inward and picture a humanity free of substance use and abuse, no matter how impossible it may seem, just picture it and meditate on that for five minutes a day. Change a thought, move a muscle and amazing things can happen. LUV U.     

  • October 06, 2014 9:45 AM
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    Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    Updated: 09/18/2014 9:08 AM
    Created: 09/17/2014 11:43 PM WNYT.com
    By: Dan Levy
    WATERVLIET - "It's beyond bad and it's getting worse!" That's how a public health expert on Wednesday night described the heroin epidemic that has a stranglehold on millions of Americans and their families.
    That was the backdrop for a public drug forum in Watervliet.
    Heroin is cheap, it is plentiful, and it continues to surge in popularity. It is a deadly scourge across the nation and in Watervliet, a local woman, out of circumstance, continued her crusade to educate the public with an end result desire to eradicate the epidemic.
    Speaking to a room of heroin addicts and family members of addicts is about the last place Lisa Wickens ever thought she'd wind up.
    "Never expected this in a million years," she says.
    Lisa's path into a room of drug panelists began eight years ago when her son overdosed for the third time.

    Get the full story and Lisa's video interview at: http://wnyt.com/article/stories/S3564858.shtml?cat=10114

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