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Next RAIS Meeting on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7 pm
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  • November 21, 2016 7:49 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    RAIS MEETING NOTES OF November 17, 2016.pdf (click the link to read the notes in a better format)

    Location: Saratoga Springs Public Library

    Present:  Brian Farr, Janine Stuchin, Theresa Knorr, Maureen Provost, Ken Provost, Jim Dorn, Todd Bishop, Judy Moffit, Julie Ann Brennan, Sue Martin, Jacob Weakland, Gary and Jody, Heidi, Lorraine, James and Oscar S.

    The meeting was called to order by Brian Farr at 7:05 pm.

    Agenda Item                         Discussion                                                                                                                       Action

    Meeting Summary &       Introductions were made.                                                                                   None.


    Business Items                                     Theresa Knorr brought us up to date on FOR-NY activities.

                                                          Our Stories Have Power training is coming up in NYC and              If interested,

                                                          Syracuse.  The Executive Summary of the Recovery Needs            register for training.

                                                          Survey was distributed.  Theresa advised of the US Surgeon

                                                          General’s Report on Addiction which was made public today.

                                                          The Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction was discussed.        ____________ and

                                                          Brian Farr asked for volunteers to coordinate contact with         Maureen to reach out

                                                          the media.  ____________ volunteered to contact Travis                 to the media.

                                                          Clark at the Saratogian and Maureen Provost volunteered

                                                          to contact Claire Hughes at the Times Union.

    Janine Stuchin reported that the Saratoga Leadership                                     None

    Group recently visited the Turning Point facility in

    Bennington, VT. 

    Jacob Weakland advised that he is setting up a                                                     To be discussed at the

    RecoverySaratoga.org website.   Specific details will be                                  next Leadership Group

    discussed at the next RAIS Leadership Group meeting.                                    Meeting.

    Janine Stuchin reported gave an update on the Saratoga Spgs

    Recovery Community Center.  An OASAS representative is           None.

    coming to look at a potential site.  If this site is approved,

    the expected opening date will be in February.

    The ___(HFM?) group has chosen space on Briggs Street in

    Johnstown and has hired a coordinator. 

    The Glens Falls group continues to move forward. 

    Jim Dorn reported on two topics discusses at the the most        Jim to continue to

    recent Stakeholder’s meeting.  The SPAC workgroup continues                  attend the monthly

    to address the number of overdoses at concerts.  70% of the

    summer drug and alcohol overdoses come from 3 concerts.  

    They are working on improving the services available SPAC

    concerts, potentially developing a safety plan to be implemented

    at select concerts.  Jim advised that the Saratoga Springs Hospital

    is totally behind this public health issue.

    Janine reported that a group of health and human services providers

    recently met with CDTA to request that bus service be restored to the

    125 High Rock area, and it looks like it will be restored.  It is vitally

    Important to have bus service to the Prevention Council and SPARC



    First Night (December 31) events were discussed. 

    We will have the Tree of Hope again at the Saratoga Springs Visitors     Ken will ask

    Center with ornaments available for a donation.  Ken Provost is going                   Hewitt’s to

    to ask Hewitt’s in Wilton to donate a tree.  We will have an                         donate a tree.

    information table, with recovery information available as well.                                 Maureen will

    Maureen Provost will coordinate runners for the RAIS team for the        prepare a stmt 

    First Night 5k.  Maureen will prepare a blurb for the RAIS website.           for the website.

    Donation/pledges can be made directly on the RAIS website. 

    We have been asked to provide two volunteers to work at the

    information Center as well.

    Members were asked for suggestions as to where to hold the                    Members asked

    Sober Super Bowl in 2017.                                                                                                      for input.

    The next Summer Smith 5k Race is scheduled for May 13, 2017                                    None

    in Guilderland.  2016 race profits were donated to the Addiction

    Care Center of Albany,  Schenectady YWCA and FOR-Albany. 

    No Treasurer’s report was presented.

    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. 

    Respectfully submitted,

    Maureen Provost

  • November 02, 2016 5:34 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    Director of the Southern Adirondack Recovery Alliance Recovery Community Centers.  Please take a look at the job description and requirements and pass the information along to anyone you think might be interested: (NOTE: Applications must be in by November 18th, 2016 - see the link below for the job description.)

    SARA Director Recovery Ctr job desc 2016.pdf

  • May 18, 2016 6:21 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)
    Friends of Recovery - New York Announces
    13th Annual Recovery Fine Arts Festival
    Call for Entries

    Visual Arts
    • Acrylic
    • Mixed Media
    • Oil/Pastel
    • Pen & Ink
    • Pencil
    • Photography
    • Watercolor

    Written Word
    • Poetry (Traditional, English)
    • Poetry (Traditional, Spanish)
    • Poetry (Hip Hop, English)
    • Poetry (Hip Hop, Spanish)
    Dear Friend, 

    Friends of Recovery - New York (FOR-NY), in partnership with the New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), is delighted to announce the 13th Annual Recovery Arts Festival Call for Entries! We invite you to submit original art reflecting the theme of this year's National Recovery Month -- "Join the Voices of Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery." 

    All qualifying entries will be featured in a slide show at the NYS Recovery Conference & Celebration (Troy, NY) on September 1st and displayed at the Empire State Plaza (Albany, NY) beginning on September 3rd and concluding on September 30th. The NYS OASAS Commissioner's Award (and other awards) will be announced at the Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Providers of New York State's Annual Conference (Saratoga) during the weekend of October 16-19th. (Exact date and time TBD.)

    Please note, prior to registering your submission, it's important to click the "Get More Information" link below this message to review specific rules and requirements that must be adhered to in order for entries to be considered.

    Get more information
    Register Now!
    I can't make it

    Please contact Michelle Cleary (Michelle@for-ny.org) or Susan Murphy (SMurphy@for-ny.org) should you have any questions.


    We look forward to receiving your art!.



    Susan Murphy

    Director of Communications

    Friends of Recovery - New York

  • May 03, 2016 6:56 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    Dear Supporter -- 

    Starting Monday, May 2nd, our action network partners at the Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC) and the Hazelden Betty Ford Institute of Recovery Advocacy will officially launch a digital Recovery Advocacy Action Week! 

    Running from May 2-6, this week will present a tremendous opportunity for all of us to put a face on addiction and recovery. Facing Addiction is proud to partner with many of our action network partners in promoting this terrific week of advocacy!

    Take action and advocate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and wherever else you’re social. Here is a list of recommended social posts and the #HashTags for each day of the #RAAW16 week:

    ·      Monday – #ThisIsWhatRecoveryLooksLike – Celebrate recovery by sharing a picture on social media that shows what recovery looks like in your life.

    ·         Tuesday – #OurStoriesHavePower – Smash some more stigma by sharing a brief written description of your recovery on social media. 

    ·         Wednesday – #CARA2016 – Record and post on social media a short video describing why you support the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act, and “tag” your U.S. representative. We’ll edit together a compilation of your videos afterward!

    ·         Thursday – #AltarumBHchat – Interact with Hazelden Betty Ford’s William Moyers, one of the nation’s leading voices on recovery advocacy, in a Twitter chat hosted at 1 pm CT by our friends at the Altarum Institute. After the initial chat, stick around and interact with others leaders from Hazelden Betty Ford, Altarum, MRC, Facing Addiction and YPR.

    ·         Friday – #2ndChances – Support opportunities for redemption by sharing on social media examples of why second chances are important, including any you may have received. 

    As shown above, each day has a different hashtag for you to use. Please tag @FacingAddiction and your favorite action network partners in your posts using hashtag for the week - #RAAW16. 


    Thank you and let’s continue Facing Addiction together!

    Warm regards,

    Beth Wilson
    Director of Digital Content

  • April 25, 2016 8:52 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    Theresa Knorr – opened meeting at 7pm with Introductions

    (20 attendants) 

    Theresa: clarification statement of RAIS as an advocacy group that aims to end the stigma of disease and raise consciousness as well as push for money towards treatment and prevention. 

    Family & Community Education committee:  Julianne, chair:  Spoke on transitioning treatment programs in NYS from OASAS 819 to 820 regulations.  The 820 regulations put treatment into three categories: Stabilization, Rehabilitation, Re-integration. Transitional Services Association, Inc. (TSA’s) Hedgerow House falls under “reintegration” but could reasonably apply to be all three.  Julianne aims to advocate for Saratoga to have Stabilization and Rehabilitation places in Saratoga County. Julianne stated that this model will most likely be more reflective of the needs of people who are in need of recovery services.  


    New Business:  Jim Doern stated there is an organization called Healthy Capital District Initiative that has applicable numbers and statistics.  Jim states there are 11 non-fatal overdoses and two fatal overdoses a week in Saratoga County as reported by EMTs and that does not include self-admitted to detox or mental health, nor people who do not seek care. 

    Old Business:  Theresa spoke about the prospect of an ambulatory detox in Saratoga County.  Jim says Dr Renee Rodriguez-Goodmote offered space at Saratoga Community Health Center to SPARC, and the Saratoga Hospital has also offered assistance.  It may happen as soon as the end of this year.  RAIS may be instrumental in advocating for this and supporting it in the community.  Theresa added that the detox center would be a place to offer information and support to the detox patient in addition to medication.  It was the overall feeling of RAIS members that the community education committee needs to take the opportunity to follow up on the implementation of this program. 

    Up Coming Events:  May 14, 2016 – Summer Smith 5k Run/Walk for Addiction Awareness – 9am  at Guilderland High School, 8 School RD in Guilderland Center, NY. - Bob Lindsay says that Friends of Recovery has a table there, RAIS is welcome to share that table.  The first half of the 5K will have posted facts about addiction and the second will have posted facts about recovery.  Volunteers were recruited to staff the tables.

    There will be two more showings of The Anonymous People Tuesday May 3rd  at Clifton Park Halfmoon Library at 6:30pm and Monday May 9th   at Mechanicville District Public Library at 6pm sponsored by  RAIS, the Prevention Council and Youth Empowerment.  Volunteers were recruited to staff the tables.  

    FOR-NY report:  Bob Lindsey reported that there was a science of addiction & recovery training in NYC.  He feels that this training would be useful for RAIS.  He also states there is an upcoming training for clinical supervisors of Recovery Coaches.

    August 31st and September 1st – in Troy – there will be a Recovery Convention, more information to come.   Bob added that Greg Williams, a producer of the Anonymous People, will be presenting in September.  

    37 million has been added to the NYS/OASAS budget this year for addiction recovery.

    Bob also says there is an upcoming Youth Recovery Forum and Family Recovery Forum for NYC residents; asking what worked and, what didn’t work?  It will also focus on how to credential recovery coaches.  

    Additional Announcements: Theresa will be attending a CCAR convention as a RAIS member – May 2 to 4 2016 – The Many Pathways of Recovery  and providing training on what she learns.

    Jacob Weakland is the chair of the Events committee and Julieann Brennan head of the Fundraising committee were not in attendance.

    Jim Doern reported that the Saratoga Emergency dept. agreed to Transitional Services Association, Inc. (TSA) to having a case manager in the hospital for 90 days.  This helps solidify a pathway for patients back into treatment.  Jim also announced that Michael Presioso, director of County Mental Health, was able to get a CASAC into the Saratoga CO Jail and a case manager for aftercare,  They are working on a referral form that will effectively screen people for substance abuse. Keith Brown from Catholic Family Services agrees to assist in Narcan training at the jail.  

    Respectfully submitted


  • December 21, 2015 8:33 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    Wow!  It’s hard to believe that 2015 is coming to an end.  This has been a monumental year in changing the conversation and treatment of drug use, abuse and dependence.  So much has begun to change at the local, state, and national levels that I believe a Recovery Revolution has started which may just end the failed and costly “War on Drugs” that we have been fighting and losing for over 30 years now.

    I hope everyone can make it to our meeting tomorrow night, Thursday, December 17, at 7:00 p.m. downstairs in the Glasby Room at the Saratoga Library.  Claire Hughes, a reporter from the Times Union will be attending, and she is bringing a photographer!  Several of us met with Claire a few weeks back, and she wanted to attend this meeting and get some more information for a story she will be doing.

    I know this is a busy time of year, and I hope everyone can carve out some time to come tomorrow, but if not I wanted to remind everyone  of some important upcoming events:

    • -          On New Year’s Eve we will have a Tree of Hope set up outside of the Visitor’s Center across from the entrance to Congress Park on Broadway in Saratoga.  Please get in touch if you are able to volunteer on that evening to great people at the tree and to take donations from people who wish to hang one of Ken Provost’s homemade ornaments on the tree. 
    • -          Also on New Year’s Eve, there will be a group of us from RAIS running in the 5K that begins at Skidmore.  You do need to register for this run, and can find out more about both of these events on our website.
    • -          We are hoping to host a “Sober Super Bowl Screening” somewhere in Saratoga  “that is a lot of alliteration,” and RAIS members are trying to find a local restaurant or venue with a large room and large television(s) to help us out.  Please get in touch if you can help out with this.
    • -          This is a wonderful time of year to focus on gratitude, being of service to others, and honoring the family that you have.  It is also a very difficult time of year for many, many people and family members that are struggling with active addiction or who have lost someone to the disease.  Kindness, understanding, and living a message of hope are things each of us can do each day – and not just at this time of year.  I know we have so many strong, wonderful, resilient people in RAIS and I encourage you to carry the light just a bit brighter through this season, and to lean on each other when you need to.

    All the best to each of you as we enter a New Year.  We have already done more that I could imagine, and yet there are many more chapters to write in this book.  I have always believed that Recovery is so much stronger and fulfilling when you make it a team effort.  Each of you is a vital and powerful part of the RAIS team, and I am honored to be lifting up the light with each of you to keep the Recovery Revolution moving forward.

    In Service and Gratitude,


  • October 19, 2015 10:11 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)


    RAIS Meeting Summary


    Saratoga Springs Public Library

    Present: Amanda D, Sharon E, Sue M, Tammy D, Nicole A, Brian M, Theresa K, Janine S,  Dan M, Martina O,  Jacob W, Brian F., Julianne T, Heather C, Bob L, Thomas B, Ray P, Adina T, Todd B



    Meeting Called to Order:  7:00 pm by Chairperson Brian Farr

    Agenda Item



    Meeting Summary & Agenda

    Introductions were made.


    Old Business

    Brian stated there were t shirts for sale; RAIS will sell them for a suggested $10 each. If this is a hardship for members, exceptions can be made.

    Brian reported that in Saratoga County Jail there will be CASAC on premise weekly for arrested addicts. This is not in effect yet.

    Brian, Bob and Jacob reviewed Washington DC Recovery Rally  – Jacob described the empowerment of the gathering which will hopefully have been catalyst for the movement”

    Ray reminded that the Nov 10th showing of The Anonymous People is up for registration on the RAIS site



    Prevention Council Saratoga County  Janine reported

    Free Narcan trainings by Safe Point in conjunction with Prevention Council will be available the  2nd Monday of every month at the Saratoga Public Library beginning in November.  Janine will add the RAIS logo to the flyer. 

    2nd Monday each month, 3-4pm, Sussman Room

    New Business


    Brian Farr :  reminded us to speak of RAIS as a group for advocacy (not a self help group).  Also a reminder made to respect the traditions of local 12 Step Self-Help groups by NOT mentioning RAIS meetings during at 12 Step Groups.

    Martina advised that a t shirt company (Krēd) is interested in collaborating with RAIS for funding support.

    Martina will speak with Nate of Krēd re: possibility of future funding streams for OASAS grant

    Committee Reports

    Recovery Community Center   Janine has already written & submitted letter of intent for the OASAS grant.

    Needed are:  Commitment letters from community agencies

    Outline of policies

    Job descriptions

    Budget narrative

    RCC location/space identification ongoing. 

    Follow-up with other locations/religious centers  

    Theresa reported that according to OASAS the RCC must be an outreach & resource center for grant

    RCC is looking to partner with Montgomery, Warren & Washington Counties;

    There is a small core group meeting weekly at Prevention Council

    Janine invited all to participate in a 4 page survey for needs assessment which must be returned by the 26th.  Ray will set it up on survey monkey

    Friends in Recovery is not taking position on any Grant Applicants

    Next RCC Committee meeting – please see Theresa TBD

    Treasurer’s Report:

    Next Meetings

    November at Saratoga Springs Public Library 7 PM

    8//15 7PM

    Meeting summary prepared by Martina O’Leary

  • August 24, 2015 10:03 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)


    RAIS:  Meeting Summary


    Saratoga Springs Public Library

    Present:,  Jeanine Stuchen, Jacob Wealkand, Julie Anne Brennan,  Brian Farr, Ray Patterson, Judy Moffit, Jim Dorn, Brian McKinney

    Absent:  Theresa Knorr, Robert Lindsay


    Meeting Called to Order:  7:10 pm by President Brian Farr, 1-minute introductions were made.

    Agenda Item





    Old Business

    Judge Dorn reported that the Saratoga County jail treatment person has been hired.



    Prevention Council  none

    Friends of Recovery - NY  Bob Lindsey not present

    New Business


    Website update: Ray demonstrated the new members page and Email service.  Ray advocated for a standard system of communication between members.

    To be discussed

    Committee Reports

    Community and Family Education:  Chair- Julianne absent, Brian reported:

    CIGNA Foundation is offering $50,000 to $125,000 grant.

    Events: Chair- Jacob reported progress on:

    1)     Candle light vigil, Congress Park has been firmed up for Monday August 31st, 250 Candles have been purchased.  A table will be set up at Wal-Mart to promote the event the same day 10 am to 5 PM. 

    2)     Recovery Message Movie Night, continues on Tuesday nights.

    Treatment Works Rally for Recovery, September 17th, march from one treatment center to a park in Albany 12 noon to 5 PM. 

    DC Rally on October 3rd and 4th, sign up sheet was passed around for bus ride.  Kick off concert with Cheryl Crow and Stephen Tyler.

    Fund Raising:  Alex and Ani event, proceeds go to charities.

    RCC:  Theresa was absent.

    Policy/Advocacy:  Judge Dorn advocated for a hub to unite existing 501.c.3’s who have differing or overlapping needs and turf re: addiction, recovery, treatment  (jails, shelter, Naranon, etc.).  He also advocated for the need for assistance in referrals to treatment and a place for aftercare.

    Julianne T. will follow up.

    Volunteers are needed for Wal-Mart table contact Jacob.

    Jacob will manage.

    Check flyer for details.

    Contact Sue Myers for details.

    Jim Dorn will head up this committee.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    Bank Account Update: Janine reported an approximate $2,500 balance.

    RAIS website cost $25 a month, renewed contract for 2 years was approved at $540

    Next Meetings

    Saratoga Library

    9/17/15 7PM

    Meeting Summary prepared by Thomas Brain McKinney & Theresa Knorr

  • July 27, 2015 10:11 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    RAIS Meeting notes 20150723.pdf (click the link to open file, or read below)

    RAIS Meeting Summary


    Saratoga Springs Public Library

    Present: Parent, Parent, Kathy, Nicole, Brian M, Theresa, Janine, Peter, Mr/Mrs Provost, Jacob, Brian F., Judge Jim Doern



    Meeting Called to Order:  7:00 pm by President Brian Farr

    Agenda Item



    Meeting Summary & Agenda

    Introductions were made.


    Old Business




    Prevention Council Saratoga County  Janine reported on:

    1) October 4th Event – Unit to Face Addiction

    2) PROP – Dr. Coladne from Phoenix House to do a speaker forum about Physicians for the Regulation of Opiod Community event in December.

    Jim Doern; trying to set up meeting with county re: line item in SCAS budget for CASAC in the jail, 20 hours a week for evaluations in the jail and 20 hours at the clinic

    Chief of Police was contacted re: Narcan training.

     Home Town vs. Heroin – event Tuesday 6:30 – 8:30 (Narcan Save video)

    New Business


    Committee Reports

    Recovery Community Center   Theresa recapped last RCC committee meeting and the approval of the draft RCC Mission and Services Fact Sheet to the group.

    RCC location/space identification ongoing. 

    Follow-up with other locations/religious centers (Theresa) and Stewarts (Joe).

    Fundraising  Julie Ann B. reported that she sent 25 letters sent out.

    Events – Jacob Free moving nights 8/20 & 8/25

    International Overdose Awareness Day – 8/31/15 (on the web) Candle Light Vigil Day

    Fundraiser at Wal-Mart that afternoon 

    We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

    Thursday night Events committee meeting at library or banquet room at Maestro’s.

    Treatment works at Hope House Thursday September 17th 12:30 pm kick off 1:15 march to Swinburne park

    Treasurer’s Report:

    Fiscal agent the Prevention Council reported we have $1958 total donations (including $28 from Tai Chi for Recovery).

    Next Meetings

    August at Saratoga Springs Public Library 7 PM

    8//15 7PM

    Meeting Summary prepared by Brian McKinsey.

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