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Next RAIS Meeting on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7 pm
  • June 30, 2015 4:57 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

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    RAIS Meeting Summary


    Saratoga Springs Public Library

    Present: Heather, Tammy, Parent, Parent, Judy, Kathy, Nicole, Brian M, Julianne, Teresa, Miriam, Janine, Peter, Mr/Mrs Provost, Dianna, Victoria, Kurt and Corrine, Jacob, Bob, Brian F

    Absent:  Ray Patterson, Adina, Melissa, Justine

    Guests:  Judge Anne Krowel (drug court), Judge Jim Doern (city court)

    Meeting Called to Order:  7:00 pm by President Brian Farr

    Agenda Item



    Meeting Summary & Agenda

    Brian F. set the agenda for this meeting, introduced Judges Krowel and Doern.


    Old Business

    Recovery Community Center   Theresa presented a draft RCC Mission and Services Fact Sheet to the group.

    RCC location/space identification ongoing. 

    Follow-up with religious centers (Theresa) and Stewarts (Joe).

    To be finalized

    Next RCC meeting on July 16 at 6pm at HRH

    See Discussion



    Judicial System:  Judges reported on:

    1) SCAS has unofficially proposed budget line item for recovery assistance in jails.

    2) Currently there is no treatment assistance (TA) in jails.  TA is greatly needed.

    3) Follow up care is also greatly needed after jail. 

    4)  Public needs to push agenda. 

    Friends of Recovery - NY  Bob reported:

    1) Gov. Cuomo is to hold public discussion on merging the State mental health dept. and the Addictions dept. into one Behavioral Health Dept.

    2) Bob and Theresa to train RAIS members on FOR recovery language.



    July 14 in Albany

    July 30 from 6pm to 9pm at library

    New Business


    Janine suggested: Getting 30 people to rent bus for trip to Washington DC for National Recovery Event.

    Need person to head up effort.


    Get the word out! (social media,  Jacob)

    ID volunteer

    Committee Reports

    Community and Family Education:  Chair- Julianne

    Would like to be involved in RCC committee meetings

    Events: Chair- Jacob

    1) Flash Mob, to be held on July 18 at Congress Park

    2) Movie Night -

    3) Candle light vigil, Congress park, or High Rock park, or Grace Fellowship.

    Fund Raising:  Chair – Julie absent, sent in report via email.

    RCC:  (See above)

    Policy/Advocacy:   Chair -

    Announce on social media - Jacob

    Treasurer’s Report:

    No comments

    Next Meetings

    July 23rd at Saratoga Springs Public Library 7 PM

    7/23/15 7PM

    Meeting Summary prepared by Brian McKinsey.

  • June 10, 2015 12:28 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    The Prevention Council of Saratoga County seeks applicants for full-time Coalition Coordinator position. Successful candidate will build on community partnerships to address prescription drug and heroin abuse/prevention.  

    Experience in criminal justice; substance abuse, addiction and recovery; public health or related field.  

    Full job description for PFS Coalition Coordinator at www.preventioncouncil.org

    Send cover letter and resume to robinlyle@preventioncouncil.org by June 22.

  • May 21, 2015 3:06 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)



    Theresa - Chair (sub for Brian)

    Janine Stuchin, Ken & Maureen Provost, Cathy Hughes, Julie Ann Brennan, Brian M., Ray Patterson, Joe, Julianne Thomas, Heather.

    -Summary of Last Meeting - briefly reviewed.

    - Committee Reports:

      Julianne - COMMUNITY & FAMILY

                      Julianne spoke about the need to raise awareness that we exist; said there are grants in NYS to be had, how to apply?  Need to learn how to write a grant to OASAS.  Need more people on the committee.  Suggested a resource directory. Suggested a formal letter stating that we exist.  Needs more people on her committee.

    Cathy Hughes to join Julianne's committee.


                Jacob scheduled three upcoming movies and handed out brochures to each member.  Movies to be held in community room at the library.  Will put them on UPCOMING EVENTS on the website. September (recovery month) is the vigil..we need to start planning.  Joe is going to join committee, Heather also joining. 

    Theresa - RCC COMMITTEE

                 Theresa toured RCC in Oneonta, got great ideas.  Oneonta gave good ideas on how to start an RCC here.  Also mentioned getting together with other neighborhood communities to get different groups together covering different topics garnering more ideas.  RCC funded through OASAS originally; must keep our eyes open for a building to start in; Joe has connections with Stewart's, going to reach out to them for help regarding the building located near them.  Theresa mentioned some of the things in the RCC;  thrift store, showers, access to gifts for children of those recovering, etc.  We decided to meet as a subcommittee on June 10 at 6:30 at Hedgerow House to further discuss RCC.  Those so far involved are Theresa, Julie Ann, and Joe.


           Talked about the need to move forward quickly with purchasing letterhead, approval of such, and final approval/ideas for fundraising letter.  Talked about chain of command as far as final approvals on proofreading and publishing of materials....we need a second set of eyes on all that is printed to go out under the RAIS group.  Talked about the possibility of a fundraising event in August (high traffic time).  Ray offered his help on the fundraising letter, Julie Ann forwarded a very rough draft to him over email.


          Talked about TUFF ENUFF, passed around a sign-up sheet for those that are interested.  Also talked about helping the Library get more resources regarding ADDICTION.  Also, Janine handed out a calendar with meetings marked for the year, with the meeting room reserved for us.

    Bob Lindsey was absent due to travel for FOR-NY.

    Brian Farr was absent due to commitment at his college.

    Other ideas brought forward:

    Next meeting (June 25) we will stop at 8pm to have time to break off into subcommittees.

    Notes taken by and Thanks to  Julie Ann

  • April 13, 2015 10:07 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    RAIS meeting was called to order at 7pm 4/9/15  (Click here for a copy of these notes)

    Agenda:  Everyone introduced themselves and gave a brief personal history. There were many new faces tonight

                    Brian Farr gave a plan of hearing from committees until 8:00pm than having comities get together until 8:30           

                     Old business was addressed and interest in an Oneonta Field Trip to visit a Recovery Center that is up and running on April 25th was discussed.  A list of people willing to go was passed around, and people planning to go to Oneonta were advised to contact Theresa Knorr.

                      FLASH Mob on July 18-interest in participating was addressed,  and Brian Farr planned to contact the coordinator of the event to get more specifics on how RAIS might partner/participate.

    Event committee -Jacob spoke about the Interagency Awareness day that we set up a table at on April 1st.  It was a success and a good learning experience on education others about RAIS.

     It seemed that most people interested in RAIS were looking for  more info on Nar-Anon to give out and the NOPE Pamphlets were popular.

                                     April 30th is the "Recovery Talks"  event in the Library put on by Prevention Council-addressed later by Jeannine.  Attendees at the meeting were asked to get people to register to talk at the event through the Prevention Council website.

                 They are looking for speakers and have invited delegates for the listening panel.  The listening panel will include professionals from the business world, employers, politicians , and criminal justice. For more info 



    The Prevention Council is also holding the Tuf Enuf mud run on Sat June 6th.   There was discussion about teaming with Run Smart, a group that gets people in recovery to run, bike, and otherwise enjoy the outdoors  together for the run.

                                     May 30th is our first Movie Night in the Library.  It will be "Happy" at 6pm and will be free to attendees.  RAIS members were asked to start talking about the event and to invite people to attend.

                                      Jacob also discussed the possibility of a RAIS Newsletter.  He was looking for ideas and information to include.  The concern(s) about making sure that all information posted by RAIS be proof read and approved by all members was also discussed.

                                      Friends of Recovery is having an art/poetry collection in partnership with the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), announces the 12th Annual New York State Recovery Fine Arts Festival.

                                            No date listed but they are collecting submissions.

                                      September is National Recovery Month so we would like to hold a Candlelight Vigil in Congress Park (possibly 9/19) Hopefully this will become an annual event to remember those who have died from addiction and to honor those who live and succeed/strive and enlighten in recovery.

               The committee planned to meet and discuss moving forward before our May meeting.


               There is a mud run Sat June 6th 8:30, there is interest in us sending a group

    We then broke up into committee groups from 8 until 8:30

    Next meeting is May 14th at 7pm    

  • April 08, 2015 11:38 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    RAIS:  Meeting Summary 

    (click the title to download these notes)


    Saratoga Springs Public Library

    Present: Mary Becker, Dan, Charlotte, Julianne Thomas, Michael, Jeanine Sitchen, Melissa, Sarah, Mike, Jacob, Julie Anne Brennan, Stacie, Bob Lindsay, Brian Farr, Theresa Knorr

    Absent:  Ray Patterson, Adina, Melissa, Justine,

    Guests:  None

    Meeting Called to Order:  7:00 pm by President Brian Farr

    Agenda Item



    Meeting Summary & Agenda

    Theresa summarized last month’s meeting from the minutes. 

    Brian set the agenda for this meeting, reminding us to start with the RCC presentation.

    Motion to keep the meeting to 1 ½ hour was approved.

    Old Business

    Recovery Community Center   Theresa presented a brief outline of what an RCC is and isn’t.  

    We need to reach out to religious communities for space that is not being used Mon- Fri.

    There may be money in the OASAS budget next year for an RCC. 

    Ray had a suggestion to meet with the Mayor of Saratoga.  Jeanine suggested that we get our business cards first. 

    Field trip, Turning Point, Oneonta  RCC April 25th.

    Lobby legislators.

    Maggie, Jacob, Julie, Jeanine, Bob, Brian and Theresa to go.



    Prevention Council  Jeanine reported on:

    1) Sober St. Patty’s Day event in NYC on Tuesday,

    (We should have our own next year.)

    2) Interagency Awareness Day - Wednesday April 1st at the City Center. Information on RAIS will be there (Jacob to follow up about out flyers). 

    3) Our Stories have Power Training:  Thursday April 9th in Geneva NY re: language of Recovery, hosted by FOR-NY based on Faces and Voices of Recovery, no fee for the training.  TTT component. 

    4)  Listening Tour, Saratoga Library - Thursday April 30th 7PM in the Community Room, to provide community members a forum to talk about Recovery with the goal of developing an agenda to present to the state.  Jeanine will ask about the library video tapping this. The Media should also be invited and coached about anonymity. 

    Friends of Recovery - NY  Bob reported:

    1) FOR-NY is hiring 4 staff:  Director of Policy, Director of Education, Administrative Assistant, Director of Communications

    2) Faces and Voices of Recovery is remaining it’s own entity, (Not joining Young People’s group)

    3) April is Alcohol Awareness Month.

    google for more information.

    Jacob to attend.

    Contact Theresa if you need a ride to attend.

    Who ‘s on the Panel and who should attend?  

    Get the word out! (social media,  Jacob)


    New Business


    Brian promoted: “Tuff e Nuff” fun run sponsored by the Prevention Council as family and sober fun.

    Jacob advocated for the use of Meetup.com to find sober fun.

    Committee Reports

    Community and Family Education:  Chair- Julianne

    Bob advocated revamping Adina’s flyer on “bridging the gap” as an invitation/announcement so as not to oversell our services.

    Julianne reported that she trained her agency on using Recovery Language.

    Events: Chair- Jacob reported progress on

    1) Recovery Message Movie Night, (once a month, second, Sunday of month) library or Arts Council  amphitheater

    2) Candle light vigil, Congress park (or High Rock park) outside or Grace Fellowship inside,

    3) National Recovery Month September (Recoverymonth.gov)

    Jacob will announce these on our Face book page.

    Fund Raising:  Julie to present on how to write a letter to ask for funds.  We need suggestions of who to ask for donations

    RCC:  (See above)

    Policy/Advocacy:   N/A

    We all need to do the same. 

    Jeanine to list local businesses to ask for funds.

    Speakers for both?

    Start next meeting with Fund Raising

    Treasurer’s Report:

    2015 Budget Report:  Nothing to report.

    Bank Account Update: N/A

    Next Meetings

    April 9th Saratoga Springs Public Library 7 PM

    4/9/15 7PM

    Meeting Summary prepared by Theresa Knorr

  • March 11, 2015 1:03 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    This post was provided by The Prevention Council, and asked that it be posted here.

    Great story -Post on RAIS website? makes connections around childhood adversity and addiction issues- and the role of the medical system in identifying – intervening !!

    To Head Off Trauma's Legacy, Start Young http://n.pr/159YAcQ

  • March 05, 2015 8:56 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    RAIS Saratoga Meeting – 02/19/15 -  Saratoga Springs Public Library


    Brian Farr:  RAIS president and person in long term recovery, etc.,  welcomed all to the meeting.

    Bob Lindsay:  Consulting work For Friends of Recovery NY

    Judy Lanka:  Mom, teacher, Naranon  and Friends of Recovery in Warren Washington Co.

    Julie Brennan:  Mother and Aunt of young men in recovery

    Sue Martin, 30 years sober, mother of young man with addiction.

    Jacob W. –Person in long term recovery.  Chair of Events committee, Peer advocate/recovery coach.

    Theresa K., former director of HRH, chair of RCC committee. family member of persons in recovery and 12-step member.

    Stacy Townsend substance abuse treatment field 12 years, visiting from AZ.

    Adina, in recovery 2 years.  Drug court graduate, works for lobbying firm, connections Mercury Public Affairs works with Addiction Treatment Providers Association (alternative to ASAP)

    Adam, person in recover, went through HRH.

    Thomas, person in Recovery, went through HRH, willing to do leg work.

    Julianne Thomas,  director of HRH.  Grew up in Alcoholic family. Loves our mission…..wants to see change of stigma.  Chair of community and family committee.

    Kirk, person in Recovery

    Melissa, 22 mos. HRH graduate

    Heather,  long term recovery, HRH graduate, outreach for women on the streets, wants to be a living example of hope.

    Brian advocated for people to get on committees and stated that the meeting time will run 7PM to 8:30 PM.  He suggested that heads of committees come 20 minutes early in the interest of sticking to our agenda and getting people out on time.

    Committee Reports:

    Community and Family Education:

    Julianne made a plea for people with skills (computer, artistic for brochures, etc) to join her committee.  We need to get the word out about RAIS.  She let us know that “Joe” spoke at TSA board meeting diner and mentioned RAIS.  Julianne advocated for a formal training on :Recovery Language”.  We need to get materials together and to provide information to treatment providers, 

    Heather is working with PROS- mental health and addiction tx program, and her former boss at Catholic Charities.

    Jacob advocated for “brand loyalty”. 

    Bob also advocated for Recovery language as well. 

    Stacey suggested that we tap into Nami. (National Association of Mental Illness and TIC, Trauma Informed Care for Recovery oriented language.  JT has a passion to included families. 

    Jacob offers software for brochures/pamphlets etc.  Resource directory (Adina). Grandparent issues to be addressed.

    Brian broke in re: the need for an Outreach services to bridge the gap for families waiting for their loved ones to get into treatment…..”Bridge the Gap” is an organization that already does this for 12 step programs.


    Jacob reinforced the Education and Training event idea “How to speak to people about recovery”.  He suggested that we need to start with the website.  He also spoke about the need for bridging the gap and providing resources for people who are not yet connected with treatment.  He is working on an event at the library in March (Movie night or excepts from the Recovery 2.0 conference. outlining what else is out there in terms of recovery, e.g.: Smart ACT (cognitive therapy) mindfulness meditation, etc.)  He also suggested a “Family education fact check”.  He is also working on a Candle light vigil for, not only people who have lost someone but also to celebrate recovery in June in Congress Park.  He said that he will need volunteers, materials/ brochures etc. and will enlist professional photographers in town to document.  He’d also like to see a memorial wall.  He is looking for people to help and serve on this committee.

    The rooms project photographer and blogger Jillian will be here on 2/21 from Philly to interview people in recovery. http://theroomsproject.org/

    Bob spoke about the upcoming  “Listening forum” on April 30th sponsored by Friends of Recovery at the library to develop a statewide agenda for advocacy in partnership with local agencies

    Fundraising:  Julie Ann Brennan requested support for her work as  head of the fundraising committee. Bob has said that he would provide support to Julie .  Kirk said he’d step up as well to help.

    JT says we need sponsors!  It was also noted that when we are looking for donors we need to check with Prevention Council.  Specific concrete goals are needed in order to tell sponsors what we are fundraising for.

    Bob suggested that Jacob come up with budgets for his events to work towards.  We need “investors” in Recovery!

    Training could be something we raise funds for.  There is a peer recovery training opportunity for $250 each and Recovery Coach training as well.

    Public Policy:  Bob from Friends of Recovery NY spoke about their advocacy day. He said there was a great turn out.  Senator Phill Boyla, NY has a standing committee on Alc. And Sub abuse.  Senator Amador is new chair, Rob Kent from OASAS is looking for 30 million dollars of support form NY State.

    Judy was supposed to meet with Keri Warner but met with Mark Luciano instead and said that was a productive meeting as well.

    Training:  suggestion to contract with the state and to do a recovery conference to include individuals and families, Many Pathways is a large part of this.  We all need to attend this training at the local level targeting “messaging”..  Another piece of the training will be about the science of addiction and recovery and providing technical assistance to community organizations (How do you open a RCC, helping families) websites and social media.

    Recovery Community Center committee Theresa will act as liaison to other RCC’s, and OASAS. Will present first next meeting on what an RCC is and is not.

    Important live saving reminder:  is someone is overdosing on opiates and you don’t have Narcan - CPR “recovery breathing” works!

    Next Meeting March 12th 7 PM (or 6:40 if you are a committee chair. )

    Respectfully submitted:

    Theresa Knorr

  • February 24, 2015 10:27 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    Check out the attached poster and our "Events" page for information on the February 24th Naloxone (Narcan) training.  It will be 6:30-7:30pm at The Prevention Council located at 125 High Rock Ave, Saratoga Springs.

    NARCAN training flyer feb 2015.pdf

  • February 12, 2015 10:58 AM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    TIMES UNION (TimesUnion.com)
    Addicts and families lobby Albany for recovery funding
    Advocates want better steps to help addicts return to community
    By Claire Hughes Published 8:48 pm, Tuesday, February 10, 2015
    Albany, NY

    Click to Read Full Story: http://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Addicts-and-families-lobby-Albany-for-recovery-6073944.php
    Please Share the Article and Like on Facebook (at end of article)
    Bob Lindsey


    Photo: Cindy Schultz - TimesUnion.com

  • February 10, 2015 2:34 PM | Ray Patterson (Administrator)

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS and Join in as we support individuals and families in Recovery at the Recovery Rally and Meet with your legislators!

    For more information see: www.FOR-NY.org

    This is a great opportunity to meet with your legislators and talk with them about the importance of Recovery Services and Recovery benefits support!

    This event is being sponsored and lead by Friends of Recovery New York (FOR-NY.org)

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